Tips To Move Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy furniture is an intimidating task. It needs both time and effort to move heavy furniture pieces from one place to another. And when it comes to relocating them across the street or interstate, these items are best moved only by professional house movers and furniture experts.

Moving stuff is not just about safeguarding the furniture pieces from scratches, dents and broken parts but it is also important to ensure that the movement does not cause any harm to humans executing the job. This is where trained packers and movers in Melbourne stand above DIY task. These people are experienced and equipped to move the furniture without causing harm to self and the piece.Find expert advice about how to move heavy furniture  read here.

This is how they undertake the job to ensure best results:

-Assess the Furniture:

Before actually getting down to dragging and moving the bed, couch or the giant wardrobe, inspect the furniture carefully. Each furniture piece requires a different skill set and temperament to move.

-Inspect the Path and Passage

It’s not easy to move heavy items. Therefore, check the path through which the furniture piece is to move beforehand. Measure the door width and compare it with the dimensions of the furniture. Start onto the moving task only if it is technically possible. Reputed house movers in Melbourne excel in the job and at times carry out the job simply by tilting and turning the furniture piece. Otherwise, they have the expertise and equipment to disassemble and reassemble.

-Protect the Flooring Too:

Besides taking care of the house stuff, protecting the flooring, door and stairway is also important. As dragging and pushing can harm the flooring, it too should be adequately protected before the move. Professional packers and movers in Melbourne therefore use protective layers and coverings to safeguard the floor from scratches.

-Vacate Items Before Moving:

Heavy furniture items should never be moved when full. Stuffed commodities not just add to the weight of the furniture piece but also add to risk of breakage and damage to the commodities and furniture itself. Thus, it’s important to empty the space before calling the professional packers and movers in Melbourne for the task.

-Use Ramps For Moving Upstairs or Downstairs:

Picking up and moving the items up and down the stairs is not a good idea. Instead, construct ramps to slide the furniture. The professional movers and packers in Melbourne ensure that they are equipped with wooden planks every time they get down to work.