Informtaion Regarding Cloud security Camera in Irvine

The three men waited for the mother to arrive home after work. They watched her unlock the front door and enter the home, after which they followed her inside. All of this was captured by the wireless security cameras. Inside of the home, the three year old daughter and her grandmother were waiting for mom to come home.Cloud security Camera in Irvine offers excellent info on this.

The three criminals attacked the mother and held the three year old daughter at gunpoint. The family was extorted and asked for money. After the men received money and valuables, they left. The mother was left bleeding; the child and grandmother were left traumatized.

This home invasion was captured on wireless cloud security cameras and was featured on the Dr. Phil show in February of 2009. The experience was life changing and traumatic for the entire family, however on a more positive note, the mother’s stress went away quickly. The intruders were captured within days. The fast arrest and prosecution was due to the wireless security cameras installed at the home. It provided the family and the police with clear images of the three intruders. If the video hadn’t recorded the men’s faces, they may have never been identified and arrested.

Calls poured in immediately to crime stoppers after the images were shown on the local news. The home security camera had been installed above the front door outside their home. The traumatized family didn’t have to rely on their memory to describe what the perpetrators looked like; the home security camera videotaped who the men were.

Video surveillance is very affordable and the benefits of the level of security are immeasurable. A quality security camera system ranges in cost from $59.00 to $300.00. There are many different types of cameras that are available to be purchased. There are: wireless security cameras, weatherproof infrared security cameras, hidden cameras, dome cameras, pan tilt zoom cameras, fake security cameras, and traditional CCTV security cameras just to name a few. The large variety of home security cameras allows you to choose the camera that will be the most beneficial for the security you are seeking. All of these provide clear, concise, accurate images.

While the initial investment might seem costly to a family struggling in a tough economy, the peace of mind offered to you and your loved ones, and the onetime cost of the security cameras is nominal. Unlike traditional alarm systems, there are no recurring fees for the monitoring of the security cameras. They are installed and hooked up to a digital video recorder (DVR), which can later be used to identify any incidents which may occur. Also, there are warranties for the cameras and you will be able to use the home security cameras for a long time. Ordering the cameras is easy. They can be ordered by phone, mail, online, and by fax.