Getting Ready for Spring-At A Look

Spring cleaning is the time set aside for deep cleaning in the spring. It’s a time, after the winter, to get your home clean and ready for the year. Unless you happen to have hoarding tendencies, most people embrace the concept of spring cleaning to some degree. But do you ever stop to consider why we would want spring cleaning as part of our “yearly to-dos”?Do you want to learn more? Visit getting ready for spring with

The history of spring cleaning.

As Jewish custom goes, Passover is an event for cleaning. Its purpose is to remember when the Jewish people left Egypt. In Egypt, the Jewish slaves were hurriedly given unleavened bread prior to their leaving. For Jewish people, Passover has since become a time to clean every nook and cranny of the home to remove any bread morsel according to their custom. Jewish custom considers leaving bread crumbs during Passover an insult to God. Therefore, some attribute the tradition of spring cleaning to Jewish culture.

Many other cultures also embrace the concept of spring cleaning. The Chinese and Iranian cultures also have a tradition. Homes are cleaned for the new year to keep bad luck away from the home and family. Good luck comes to people who obey this tradition. Additionally, Greece and many Orthodox countries clean the house completely during the first week of Great Lent. This week is referenced as Clean Week and often corresponds with Julian New Year, or April 1.

Maybe the winter makes us sleepy and lazy. Spring wakes us up and allows us to see the mess we’ve accumulated over the winter. So now it’s time to clean it all up and the sleepiness of winter is a perfect excuse for our homes not being in top shape.

Historical events and traditions aside, spring cleaning is simply about biology. Germs need to be removed. Order needs to happen. A clean home is a healthy home. A clean home is a safe home. And a clean home is a happy home.

How about your carpet and rugs? The soils tracked into your home are filled with soot, grease and sticky substances from the outside world. Weekly vacuuming doesn’t cut it. And of course, if you spilled or had a pet accident on your carpet or rug fibers, a handy bottle of spot remover or spot cleaning machine helps, but it’s not enough. Even if your carpet still looks good, carpet makers recommend yearly cleaning to remove this soil build up. If you wait until your carpet looks bad before you get it cleaned, you may already have some damage done to fibers. But we can help your carpet and rugs look as good as possible.