Flood Cleanup in Chicago-At A Look  

A water damage cleanup is a lot more complicated that it usually seems. Many homeowners have gone through the disappointing experience where they might have tried to do a basement flood cleanup or water damage cleanup on their own only to see disastrous results. This article will hopefully allow a person to understand the importance of hiring a flood cleanup contractor to do a professional job. Here are some of the main reasons why hiring a flood cleanup contractor is a much better idea than attempting a self restoration.

Expert knowledge in handling different categories of water – Did you know that there are three different categories of water. Category 1 is the least harmful and it is often water that flows from a broken pipe or an overflowing sink. Category 3 is the worst type of water that can damage your property and it often comes from sources such as sewers, seawater from seas, water from rivers and streams or even ground surface water. Another point to note is that category 2 water can become category 3 if it has stagnated for more than about 48 hours. Category 3 water is also known as black water and will contain harmful bacteria and fungi that can pose several health hazards. A professional flood cleanup contractor will first eliminate the stagnant water by pumping it out. They will then treat the affected areas with various EPA approved chemicals that will make your property both dry as well as sanitary. Flood Cleanup in Chicago is an excellent resource for this.

Dealing with different classes of water damage – An expert flood cleanup contractor will assess your basement flood cleanup or other water damage cleanup to categorize the damage as either Class 1, 2, 3 or 4. Class 1 is the least damaging as it contains water that has a very slow evaporation rate. This will mean that there will be minimal moisture absorption in the property. Class 3 and class 4 is the worst type of water damage as it will result in heavy moisture absorption. Moisture can damage construction materials and result in growth of mold that can result in heavy losses and expenses in addition to posing serious health risks. Only a good flood cleanup contractor will be able to assess the type of water damage and take remedial measures accordingly. For example, class 3 and class 4 water damage will require very low specific humidity to accelerate the restoration process and only a professional flood cleanup contractor will have equipment that can create an environment with very low humidity.

Insurance benefits – Apart from expecting a professional service from a flood cleanup contractor, a home owner can take comfort in the fact that a professional restoration company will also help the customer with the insurance claims process. They will appoint an insurance specialist who will work with your insurance company. This insurance specialist will work with the claims adjuster from the insurance company who will then award you a check that will cover the entire water damage cleanup. Many homeowners who have attempted self restoration have often struggled to recover the costs from their insurance companies simply because the insurance company will often dispute some charges as unnecessary costs. This is however not the case when a professional restoration company is hired to do the job.