How to Train Your Dog to Sit-An Overview

Start training your dog to sit as soon as you get it, even if it’s a barely weaned puppy. It’s one of the easiest things to teach your dog, especially if it learns that you expect it to sit a lot. Many people train their dogs to sit while they and their dogs face each other. I recommend that when you first train your dog to sit, you teach it while it is next to you. You then can easily teach it to sit when you stop walking during leash training. If your dog has been trained to sit while next to you, it will sit down next to you when you tell it to sit while on a walk. However, if your dog has been trained that when you say “sit,” it should be in front of you, it will automatically come out in front of you to sit, which is a problem for when you are ready to start walking, again, or if you are at a busy street corner.

When training your dog to sit, have it next to you on its leash. Say “sit,” and bring your right hand (if your dog is on your left) up from in front of your dog’s nose, and back over your dog’s head. Your palm should be facing up. With your other hand, pull up and back on the leash. If your dog follows your hand with its eyes as your hand goes back over its head, it will be thrown off-balance a little bit; and this may be enough to get it to sit. As soon as your dog’s rump touches the ground, reinforce it with praise and a treat (or attention).find more info about How to Train Your Dog to Sit.

If the above is not enough to cause your dog to sit, then position your hand at the base of its tail, and bring it down over the tail and anal area, using a slight pressure, as if you’re trying to curl your dog’s tail under its body. Pull back and up on its collar with your other hand. This will require you to turn to face your dog, but don’t worry about that. It may be necessary to repeat this several times, until it starts sitting on its own. Remember to reinforce your dog, with something that it likes, every time that you get it to sit quickly after you have said “sit,” even if you had to guide its rump down to get it to sit.

Here are some notes on using treats. Keep your treats hidden, until after your dog has already sat down, and you are ready to give one to your dog. This will prevent the problem of your dog only sitting when it sees food in your hand. Also, remember that:sit: is a command, not a request. Therefore, it needs to be obeyed immediately. Never give your dog a treat for sitting, if you have to repeat the command before your dog sits, or if there is a lag between the command and your dog sitting. That’s it. The basics on how to train a dog to sit. For more free dog training tips, please click on the web address below.