All About Flooring Stores In Marlton

Before deciding on which flooring stores to approach, it’s imperative that you first understand the type of flooring you want for a specific space. Some mediums that may appeal to you immediately may not be the best thing for your space. Some of the questions to ask yourself before running off to flooring stores, will include the obvious but also the less obvious ones. Things we often value most would be convenience and hygiene, but sometimes we forget such things as comfort throughout all seasons, and longevity.

There are a few common types of flooring to take into consideration: hardwood, laminate, carpet, tiles, plastic flooring, concrete, brick and paving. Some of these flooring options work well both inside and out, and surprisingly, there seems to be dual use of flooring which is treated to be both modern and appealing. A few options on flooring that tend to be overlooked or forgotten are the following:

-Concrete Flooring

A typical example of this would be concrete flooring, which can be painted or coloured, and then sealed to create a smooth gloss finish used in many instances in hospitals, offices, restaurants and any area deemed as a high traffic area. The finishes are done to appear plain or marbled, and the effect is similar to granite or marble finishes. The plus side is the pricing. It is incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and not too heavy on the pocket. Flooring stores don’t tend to do the applications themselves, however, should be aware of locals who offering these services. Chat to your friends in the building trade. These floors look great in homes as well, and can be warmed up easily in winter months with a few rugs.this hyperlink Flooring Stores in Marlton.

-Plastic Flooring

After the 70’s it was almost a taboo to install plastic flooring in your house and still be considered for tea invitations, however, the world has slowly turned on its style axis, and a few bright people have decided to put the edge back into plastic flooring. Flooring stores across the globe are flooded with requests for unique designs and faux finishes. The multiple textures and applications of plastic ensure that there is an immense range available to tickle even the most discerning customer’s fancy. From faux wood finishes, right down to plastic tiles so similar to brick paving, you would have to step on it first to be able to tell the difference.


Tiles became the new carpets, and at one stage having carpets in your home meant, plain and simple, that you were just not considered as having a hygienic home. Several doctors have now proven that having a carpeted house, can be more hygienic than any other flooring medium, if cleaned and vacuumed regularly. You might think this absurd, however, dust has nowhere to go on tiles or laminate flooring, and carpets help in terms of trapping dust, until vacuumed. By sweeping any other type of flooring, the dust is moved around and up, and is then much more susceptible to being breathed in again. Look out for decent brands which also incorporate stain proof formulas to ensure your carpets looks great for years.