Know About Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

For most of us our homes are our most valuable asset. Now that fall is upon us and it is the perfect time to do a thorough inspection of your home. Detecting and correcting problems before they become emergencies can save time and money. Making your home more energy efficient can help reduce high-energy bills, improve comfort and help protect the environment. Use the following list when you inspect the interior of your house.check out this article from

  1. Attic: Look for evidence of roof leaks, also openings that permit entry of bats, rodents or other pests; inspecting insulation, rafters, ventilation openings, chimney and side walls.
  2. Windows: Check for difficulty of operation, cracked or broken panes, faulty or hard-to-operate locks and worn weather stripping.
  3. Bathroom: Note dripping faucets, leaking showerheads, malfunctioning flush valves, inadequate hot-water supply.
  4. Walls and ceilings: Examine painted surfaces and wallpaper; look for cracks, holes, or bulges in plaster, signs of loose tape on wallboard.

5.Floors: Inspect for loose, creaking boards, worn areas, cracked and chipped baseboards and moldings, broken or missing floor tiles.

6.Staircase: Note loose, squeaking treads, shaky handrails and posts, cracked or broken balusters.

7.Air conditioners: Increased dust could be a sign that it is time to change your air filter or that your ductwork is not well sealed. Take out and clean filters, inspect ducts and cover air conditioner for winter.

8.Doors: Inspect for sticking or sagging; examine locks and chains renew worn weather stripping.

9.Fireplace: Check dampers, firebox, hearth, grate, andirons, screen and mantelpiece.

Kitchen: Examine appliance wiring; clean the ventilator fan and remove accumulations of dust and grease.

1.Doorbells: Test all sonic apparatus, chimes, buzzers, burglar alarms.

2.Furnace: Check for leaks in pipes, flue firebox, examine damper, replace filter, and test thermostat operation.

3.Electrical system: Look throughout the house for frayed cords, loose connections, malfunctioning switches and outlets.

4.Plumbing: Check drains, traps, main drain, water line and shutoff.

5.Basement in general: Look for signs of dampness, leaks, cracked or broken floors, cracked walls. Pay special attention to joint between floor and walls; this is where most basement leaks develop.

6.Basement pipes: Check all cold-water pipes in the basement. Wrap tem with insulating material to prevent sweating and subsequent dripping during hot summer weather and possible freezing in winter.

7.Windowsills: These take a beating, especially those that face the southern sun. Inefficient windows or high indoor moisture levels from air leaks can result in condensation, frost or pools of water on windows and sills. Sand and paint them. You can make your windowsills maintenance free by covering them with a plastic laminate.

8.Beams: Make sure there is no space between a beam and the main house girder.

A neglected home is a house on the way down, in livability, looks and value. A well maintained home will reduce heating costs, prevent damage from insects, pests and rodents and make your house a safer home. Toro Builders, Inc. is a great source of information about home repairs, property maintenance and new additions.

Seniors Card Discount Code-Facts

Image result for Seniors cleaning cardHiring a maid to clean your dwelling on a regular basis may be a really great idea if it fits into your lifestyle. There are mainly two types of housekeepers, those who come in on a regular basis to do general cleaning; and those who come when called upon for a one-time cleaning. If you are looking for a maid service to come in regularly and maintain the general upkeep of your home, then you may want to do a test run with different house cleaning services before hiring someone permanently. There are many different types of services that provide house cleaning. There are companies that hire housekeepers who have a schedule and maintain several residences each week. There are also independent housekeepers who work on their own and keep their own list of clients.Do you want to learn more? Visit Seniors card discount code.

Speaking to neighbors or friends in your area of residence can help you to find a housekeeper through word of mouth; alternatively, you can look online or flip through the phone book for a housecleaning company. Some online websites will provide reviews of different house cleaning companies that can help you to make a good choice. When you first meet with your housekeeper, introduce yourself, and perhaps you can make a list or go through your home with him or her to explain what you would like done.

Housekeepers charge by the room or hour, so make sure that you understand their pricing before you hire them. Also if you are choosing to pay by the hour, you may want to get an estimate as to how long they believe the housecleaning will take depending on the size of your home. If you choosing to pay by the room, then you might choose to have only certain rooms cleaned and other rooms that you may not occupy left alone.

In addition to finding out how your prospective housekeeper charges for their services, you should inquire if they will be providing their own cleaning supplies, such as a vacuum cleaner, duster, rags, glass and wood cleaners, etc. Most housekeepers will have their own supplies, but you want to make sure upfront so that you can be prepared for the cleaning visit.

Related imageIf you do not prefer to have a housecleaning services come regularly, usually house cleaners are scheduled once a week, every two weeks, or once a month, then you can choose to have a house cleaner come when you need it. For instance, many people choose to use the services of a professional house cleaner when they move. They may want to have a house cleaner go through and thoroughly clean up an empty apartment or house because the refunded deposit of the residence may depend on how well the place is left.

Others may use the services of a house cleaner to help prepare for a party or visitors. When you are preparing for a large party or out-of-town guests, you may have other things on your mind and choose to use a house cleaner to take care of the anything you may have missed during your regular cleaning. On the same token, people hire house cleaners to come and clean their homes after a large party as well. However you decide to use house cleaning services, just make sure that the service will make your life easier and home cleaner without any extra headaches.

Tips for Organizing Your Wardrobe

Image result for organizing your wardrobeYour wardrobe is where you start your day. If it’s organized, you can get going quickly. If it’s not, finding the right outfit could be the start to a rushed, confused day. When trying to organize your life, the closet can be a great place to start. By taking just a few steps, you’ll be able to start your day knowing you can find everything you need to get dressed.Do you want to learn more? click here.

1. Separate your clothes by season. It’s much harder to find the right outfit if you’re constantly rummaging through December’s sweaters. You don’t have to pack your out-of-season clothes away, unless there are space concerns. Just make sure they’re out of the way in the back of the closet.

2. Don’t cram everything in! Hangers should fit easily between other garments. If you’re having trouble getting everything into your closet, it’s time to take something out. You can either put the excess clothes in storage, or get rid of them entirely.

3. Make every garment worth it. This includes special occasion outfits, everyday wear, and even socks and underwear. Get rid of clothes that are out of fashion, even if they have sentimental value. Give away anything that doesn’t fit – and no planning to diet until you can wear it again! Many of us have sworn to lose ten pounds and fit that pair of jeans again, but they almost always just clutter up our wardrobes. If a garment is too worn for anything but wear around the house, save it for rags or get rid of it. You only need a few “scrungy” outfits.

4. Organize your wardrobe in small bursts. This can be a big project for a lot of us. Clothes accumulate over the years, and without a regular closet cleanup, organizing them can be a daunting task. That’s why you should just work on a little bit at a time. Consider having a friend over to help you choose what should stay and what should go.

5. Cull your shoe collection. Over time, we collect more shoes than we can wear, especially as they go in and out of style. A few basics are all you really need to accessorize most outfits.

Related image6. If you haven’t worn it in a year, let it go. Sure, some clothes are seasonal or special occasion. However, if it’s been sitting in your closet for a year, the chances are good that you won’t wear the garment again before it goes out of style. While it’s always good to have some basics for special occasions, holding on to old bridesmaids’ dresses, “date night” outfits, and clothes you just don’t like uses up valuable space and forces you to spend time searching through clothes you’ll never wear to find the ones you do.

Organizing your wardrobe is one important step to getting your whole life organized. If you don’t have to spend valuable time trying to figure out what to wear, you can get on with your morning. Don’t spend your days in a rush because you couldn’t find the right shoes or jacket. Instead, pare your wardrobe down to just what you need, and take time to enjoy yourself. Organizing your wardrobe is the first step to coordinating everything in your life.

Good Adolescent Drug Treatment In Gaithersburg

Seeking the assistance of adolescent drug treatments will help you ease the worries of knowing your teenager has engaged in drug abuse. Of course, enrolling your teenage son or daughter in a drug rehabilitation program is not enough. You have to give your full support and provide new understanding for them. Drug Treatment in Gaithersburg is an excellent resource for this.

 Being hooked to illegal drugs and other substance abuse is not an easy fact to handle. The person involved in the addiction has distorted perspective of perceiving things and harboring emotions. For them, the illegal drugs are their salvation. And if you put them in an adolescent drug treatment, they view you as their enemy.

Thus, it is important that you maintain constant communications with them. You may have to extend your patience longer than what you already have. This may include paying regular visits to them in their treatment facilities and expressing your emotions of how much you love them.

You will also need to reach out to their level of understanding so they would clearly see the reasons why you and your beloved half are doing this to him or her. Now, part of the treatment program is the drug abuse counseling.

The drug abuse counseling is a program that helps the participants to go through the process of healing. This is not easy to achieve as it involves weeks, and sometimes months in other cases. During this counseling, the participant will be helped in undergoing phases of treatment.

The treatment may not be successfully achieved, if the involved adolescent has not acknowledged the truth of his or her addiction. So, acknowledgement is the first step. It is followed by wanting to get free of the drug addiction. Then, comes the acceptance of the treatment.

During the counseling, the participant’s parents or friends may be called in for statement or testimony. This helps the patient realize how serious his or her addiction is, and how much pain it has caused her or his family.

In some cases, the patient may not have fully mended the relationship with his or her family. So, during the first few sessions of the counseling, the patient will speak harshly of her or his family and friends, and may ignore or even deny the testimonies given by family or friends.

There are also four different phases of the counseling to help patients recover and be deemed as cured. The first phase is the engagement and stabilization, in which patients are convinced, motivated and involuntarily committed to treatment. Its goal is to stabilize the acute symptoms of the drug use disorder.

The second phase is the early recovery. It is the phase in which the patient learns to cope with desires to use the illegal drugs, and avoids people, places and things that represent high-risk addiction relapse factors.

The third phase is the middle recovery. This phase continues to work on the issues from the earlier phase as needed. Patients will learn to develop coping skills or develop such skills in dealing with intrapersonal and interpersonal issues.

The final stage is the late recovery. Also called the maintenance phase, the patient undergoing adolescent drug treatment will have to continue working on the issues addressed in the middle phase of recovery, and work on other clinical problems that may come up.

Low Testosterone and Loss of Feeling Vibrant

Testosterone is a hormone made by the body in both men and women. Most of the testosterone in a man’s body is produced in the testicles. It helps a man maintain sex drive, sexual functioning, energy, mood, and muscle strength. Similar to a male’s cholesterol, liver enzymes and blood pressure, there is a numerical range of testosterone levels that are considered average and normal. The brain and the testicles work in tandem to keep testosterone in this normal range. When a man’s testosterone is below normal, his brain signals the testicles to make more. When his testosterone levels reach a normal level, the brain signals the testicles to make less. The problems with testosterone levels occur when the brain and testicles are not functioning effectively. When this occurs, low testosterone levels and production can lead to a variety of male problems. Low sex drive, low sexual appetite, low energy, depression, and low motivation are just a few symptoms of low testosterone. Click to get more  from

Hypogonadism is the medical term to define the condition of low testosterone production. Low testosterone levels affect millions of men age 45 and older. Men age 45 and younger can also be diagnosed with hypogonadism but predominantly the medical condition is age related. Many men ignore their symptoms of hypogonadism and think their problems are due to age, stress, medications, or other medical conditions. The most important thing a man get do is to visit their doctor to be tested for low levels of testosterone. A simple blood test can evaluate a man for hypogonadism. If diagnosed, a man can be prescribed testosterone to help raise his low levels. This process is called testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). TRT can be done in a doctor’s office and some men can work with their doctor to perform their TRT one their own at home. If health insurance is not a viable option, TRT can be quite expensive. Other medical conditions have been linked to having low testosterone. These conditions include obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, HIV, and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). The key is to have a discussion with your doctor if you find yourself having low sexual appetite, low sex drive, difficulty obtaining and maintaining erections, and/or depressed mood.

If you are diagnosed with low testosterone levels, your doctor can certainly help you. Low testosterone levels can not be cured, but your doctor and you can work towards getting your testosterone levels back to normal. The most important goal is understanding your doctor has treated plenty of men before with low testosterone, and there is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is not recommended to first try natural male enhancement supplements. Not because they are dangerous or have side effects, but medical conditions exist and can be treated and diagnosed by a medical professional. A doctor can prescribe Testosterone Replacement Therapy or help you with the side effects of other medical conditions causing low testosterone levels. Once low testosterone levels have been ruled out by your doctor, you can then research and try male enhancement supplements. Once the medical condition of hypogonadism has been ruled out, male enhancement supplements may be an effective alternative. Dr. Michael Nuccitelli is a New York State licensed psychologist and a clinical and educational consultant for Herberex Inc. and Goliath Labs Inc. Dr. Nuccitelli areas of expertise include dietary supplement compliance guidelines, sports nutrition, human sexuality, forensic psychology, health/fitness, and psychiatric/psychological issues.

Consider Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

Office and commercial building cleaners are usually more cost-effective than hiring a janitor. Besides saving you money they can also offer you piece of mind. Some companies hire a janitor, which costs more money, requires a bunch of extra paperwork, not to mention other liabilities. Listed are some benefits of hiring a professional commercial cleaning service. navigate to this website

Guaranteed reliability
When a company employs a janitor, chances are they can only afford a couple. So what if the janitor is sick or on vacation? Commercial cleaning services don’t take breaks or sick days. For regular weekly cleanings or a simple one/off cleaning of your facility, you can count on the fact that your cleaning service will be available.

Exceptional Attention to Detail
Quite frankly, it is easier to fire a service than an hourly employee. Cleaning companies know that and that is why they go the extra mile to make sure your office is cleaned properly. They will check the corners. They will clean behind the desks. If not, you replace them.

Flexible Hours
While your typical Janitor may either be employed first shift or after hours, it is difficult to get them to come in OFF their usual schedule if there is an immediate need. The beauty of Commercial cleaning services is that they can schedule at any time. Changing the schedule is not an issue either. Do you have a big meeting coming up? They can be there when you need them.

Commercial Cleaning Companies will keep up with all your office sanitary needs suck as soap, paper products and cleaning supplies. This way there will be no more emergencies where no one realizes the toilet paper is all gone until it is too late.

Special Services
Commercial cleaning services can handle all type of cleaning needs. Even if this cleaning need falls into a unique situation or needs a very specialized tool. Having the right equipment on hand to handle any sort of emergency would be costly. Hiring a professional cleaning service will save you that expense.

Professional Cleaning companies are available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Therefore if an emergency does arise, they are only a short phone call away. Compare this to having to create a solution with the staff you have on hand at any given time, you will see the real value of employing such a service.

Want To Know More About Home Inspection?

When purchasing a new house, it is always worth getting it inspected by a home inspector, who would thoroughly examine the property and give you his unbiased opinion about its technical status. Generally, home inspection takes about 2-4 hours, depending on the property. A home inspection can result into substantial savings by avoiding expensive repairs in future. Unless the home is inspected by a professional home inspector, you wouldn’t know the real structural status of home. The inspector carries only a visual inspection of the property and its structure. find the answer on this page


The inspection of a normal home takes just about anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. The inspector offers an agreement before inspection, which is signed before accepting payment. Then the inspector gives his client a general idea of the inspection and visits the site along with the client.

Items covered

The inspector carries a visual inspection of the following, though not necessarily in that order:

Interiors (non-aesthetic)
Foundation and basement
Roof and attic
Framing structure
Air conditioning system
Electrical systems
Plumbing system
Heating system
Kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms
Extra services

The inspection of supplementary items like pools, barns or any outer structures, spas, docks & sea walls, wood annihilating insects, well flow, lawn sprinkler systems, gates, fences and EIFS (exterior insulation & finish systems) may be carried out at extra expense. The inspection agency can also conduct environment related inspection like:

Water testing
Lead testing
Radon testing
Formaldehyde testing
Asbestos testing
Septic inspection
Carbon monoxide testing

After the completion of the operation, the inspector gives a summarized report of his findings. The client may ask questions, if any, and gets a signed, written report about the inspection. The client has exclusive rights on this report.


It is mandatory for the inspector to notify the client about the state of the inspected home. While pointing out any defects, he can offer likely reasons for them and he may suggest how to get them repaired. The inspector is not expected to recommend any contractor or provide an assessment of the likely expenses for repairs/modifications, unless he happens to be a contractor himself. He should not recommend if his client should invest in that property or not, or comment on the market price of the inspected property. In no way should he benefit by the repairs that the house may need.


The inspection is carried visually and only for the state of house as it exists at the time of its inspection. The inspection should not be interpreted as any kind of warranty. As already pointed out, the inspector would spend just 2,3 hours for a visual inspection of the premises, obviously not enough time for him to check all the elements and components that make a complete house. He must utilize his expertise to check the most significant factors in that limited time. The report of the same property, inspected by two different inspectors, is bound to be different.

It is in the interest of the customer to thoroughly examine and make inquiries regarding the professional qualifications and experience of the prospective home inspector. Keep in mind that the services of a competent, experienced home inspector are not cheap. So, do not get carried over by an inspector charging low fees, as he may lack the qualifications and experience needed for carrying the inspection efficiently.