Important Steps for Handling A Car Accident

You’re safely and carefully driving home from work and BOOM! You are in a car wreck. Through no fault of your own. What should you do? Here are six things you should always do if you are in a car accident:

  1. CALL 911

If anyone is or may be injured, this will get law enforcement and EMS to the scene of the wreck. This will secure prompt medical attention and also insure that a Police Accident Report is prepared. Even if no one is injured, you still want the police to come to the scene to prepare an Accident Report.steps for handling a car accident  has some nice tips on this.


Keep a cool head. Do not be confrontational with the driver of the at fault vehicle. Watch out for other vehicles driving through or around the scene of your car wreck. If the car wreck is very minor, it is OK to move your vehicle to the side of the road. Otherwise, it is best to not move the vehicle until the police arrive.


If you can safely do this, take some photos of the vehicles where they have come to rest. Take a photo of the license plate of the at fault vehicle. Be sure and get the name and telephone number and insurance information of the at fault driver from the investigating police officer.


If necessary, of course. But frequently immediately following a car wreck, our adrenaline is really pumping. This is either as a result of excitement, fear, anger or all of the above. You don’t realize you are hurt until you calm down a bit. People have gone home following a wreck, laid down for a few minutes, and died. Usually the consequences are not that drastic. The point is: Take care of your body first and foremost.

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Even though the other driver is at fault, their automobile insurance will not pay your medical bills one by one as they are incurred. Their payment to you will be in one lump sum after the case is ready to be settled. Let your medical insurance pay the bills. They will be entitled to reimbursement from the auto insurance company for the at fault driver when the claim is settled. This will get these bills paid promptly. Otherwise, the bills could go unpaid for several months and adversely impact your credit.


After you have left the scene and received necessary medical attention, contact your automobile insurance company and tell them about the car wreck. You should do this, even though you were not at fault. This is very important.


Office Bottleless Water Coolers

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Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents cause serious injuries to the victim and sometimes it may also lead to permanent disability or wrongful death. If you are involved in such accident, you should immediately call for the help of a truck accident lawyer in your area. With the help of these you can easily win the case and get the justice for your case. There are many benefits of hiring these lawyers for the truck accident cases.

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In these kinds of cases, most often the offender will be an employee of a company. In a car or motorcycle accident, the offender will be an individual. The laws and the procedures are not same for both these type of cases. Since truck accident cases require the expertise of a truck accident lawyer who has knowledge on all the laws and procedures involved in these cases. Most often in these cases, you will not get the compensation from the offender’s insurance provider. You will get the insurance from the insurance provider of the employer. They may try to reduce the amount of insurance or neglect you from paying up the right amount of insurance. You need to hire a lawyer with years of experience in these types of cases since you may not have any idea regarding the insurance you can get for your medical expenses.Truck Accident Lawyer is an excellent resource for this.

Sometimes the accident may also occur due to the malfunctioning of any of the parts of the truck. In such cases, you have to add the manufacturer of the truck in to you lawsuit. Also the manufacturer should be accused of the repaired parts such as brake, tires, engine etc. These kinds of works can only be done by the truck accident lawyer. You cannot expect this in lawyers who have expertise only over the personal injury or car accident cases.

Since the truck accidents involve huge damages to the victim than the car or motorcycle accidents, the compensation you have to quote should be higher than the amount quoted for normal cases. Truck accident lawyers will be ready to make such claims to the offender and get the maximum compensation for your loss. They should also get the compensation for your family members who are also involved in the accident.

When searching for these kinds of attorneys you should know about the history of these attorneys by looking over their previous cases. If you still not sure about the expertise of the lawyer, you can get feedbacks from their previous clients and find about them.