Choosing the Perfect Ceiling Paint Color Every Time

Gone are the days of the standard flat white ceiling. Today’s homeowners are realizing that their ceiling paint color can add interest and needs to be considered when choosing the perfect paint colors for their space. However, painting ceilings anything other than white can be tricky. Below are some tips to help homeowners choose the perfect shade every time:To get learn more about the painting tips.

* Consider lighter or cooler colors for lower ceilings – if you have eight foot ceilings, chances are your space is already feeling a little cramped and the ceiling is already feeling low. A darker or warmer shade will only accentuate a low ceiling and can make the space feel cave like. Consider paint colors that are lighter, like an off whites and creams.

*Color paint colors will also help raise the ceiling and make it feel like its moving away from you. Choose a cooler off white, that has blue or green undertones.

*Consider painting the ceiling one to two shades lighter than the wall color. This is particularly useful if you have crown molding. A bright white crown molding in semi-gloss will pop if the ceiling is painted a slightly lighter shade than the wall color.

*If the ceilings are really high, as is the case in many two story family rooms and entryways these days, consider painting the ceiling a darker, warmer color. This will help to bring the ceiling in a bit and will make the space feel less stark and cold. A dark chocolate on a two story ceiling can have an amazing impact on a room.

*For vaulted ceilings, consider bringing the paint color up the side ceilings and painting the top ceiling a darker or lighter shade of the wall color. Again, this can accentuate the architectural detail while avoiding the look of uneven paint lines.

*Always paint around and under soffits and low vaulted ceilings (i.e. sunrooms and bay windows) the same color as the walls. When these are painted the ceiling color, white or otherwise, it causes a break in the eye. Painting these areas the same color as the walls will cause continuity and flow, which is the essence of any good paint color scheme.

It is important to consider your ceiling paint color when choosing a color scheme for your home. This way you will be sure to get a perfect color scheme that is congruent with your personal style and the architecture of your home.

Paola McDonald, Certified Interior Decorator and Owner of Creative Elegance Interiors, LLC

Creative Elegance Interiors is a full service interior decorating and design firm based in Haymarket, VA and serving Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and parts of Maryland. We work with homeowners to create beautiful, functional, elegant home spaces that meet their and their families needs. We offer everything from custom window treatments, to kitchen and bathroom design, to furnishings and accessories. Our design style is elegant, sophisticated and clean. Our goal is to create home spaces that are beautiful, functional and designed to be enjoyed.

EHR Possibly Improve Patient Care

When it comes to EHR implementation, many physicians and IT professionals remain skeptical about the true benefits. One of the biggest advantages proponents of EHR tout is the drastic improvement in patient care. But, does an EHR system really improve patient care? Are these improvements worth the incredibly high start-up costs?

Many experts say “yes” to both of these questions. EHR has the potential to dramatically improve patient care, for several reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you get with EHR.

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1. Access

First, everyone with clearance, from doctors to specialists, will be able to access patient medical records in seconds.

Put this into perspective for a moment. Imagine you work at a busy, walk-in urban clinic that sees around 400 patients per week. To maintain quality care and ensure that patients are kept moving efficiently through the system, you need to be able to lay your hands on their medical records quickly and easily. This, however, doesn’t happen like it should. Records are lost, illegible, or incomplete.

With an EHR system, however, all you’d have to do is type in that patient’s name and social security number and the information would be at your fingertips. You’d be able to see what medications they’re on, all the specialists they’re currently seeing (and for what health issues), and all allergies and past surgeries they’ve had. No matter where you are in the world, you’d have a complete picture of that patient when you needed it.

2. Better Care
This efficiency has direct benefits to patients. Because staff and physicians alike aren’t constantly running around looking for charts and records, there is more time for one-on-one patient care. Doctors spend less time digging through files looking for information, and more time talking with the patient.

3. Less Wait Time
Increased efficiency also means that patients wait less time in the waiting room.

4. Fewer Errors
Because everything is input electronically, transcription errors are eliminated. Errors due to miscommunication or illegible handwriting are reduced or eliminated with EHR systems. For patients, this will improve care and even save lives.

5. Improved Efficiency
Patient care is also improved because the office itself is more efficient. Pharmacies no longer have to call the clinic to verify prescriptions; they can see them online. Office staff can quickly pull up information for patients. Billing turnaround time is drastically reduced, and so are coding errors sent to insurance agencies. All this leads to a better overall experience for the patient, and less stress for them when it comes to reimbursement.

6. Higher Morale
Clinics that have implemented EHR have reported lower stress and higher moral in their staff. This leads to a better experience for patients coming in the door.

7. Better Decisions
EHR gives physicians decision support. For instance, some systems will automatically analyze patient data looking for disease risk. The EHR could flag a woman being treated for a yeast infection if it determines she might be at high risk for breast cancer. The doctor can then schedule a mammogram with this data. Many vital connections like this are lost in the hustle and bustle of busy clinics, and when records are missing or incomplete. EHR is like having a second set of eyes looking at each patient’s history.

8. Patient Safety
EHR also prevents errors from drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interaction. If the system detects a potential problem, it will highlight or flag the issue for physician review.

Implementing an EHR system has the potential to revolutionize patient care. Errors are reduced, information is easily accessed, and patients can spend more time with their doctors thanks to these systems.